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Father Sean Carroll: A Moral Voice for Migrants


Immigration is a topic that has divided this country for years. With the 2016 election in full force, the stance some candidates have taken on our nation’s immigration policies could impact the lives of millions for decades to come.  

Families who migrate to the U.S., especially those from Mexico, are often subject to harsh and sometimes inhumane treatment once they cross the border. Fortunately, there are still people who believe that immigrants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Father Sean Carroll, Executive Director of Kino Border Initiative, is one of those people.

Kino Border Initiative is an organization committed to fostering bi-national solidarity on the issue of migration between the United States and Mexico through direct assistance and accompaniment, education, research, and advocacy.

The  initiative was birthed during a discernment process,” Carroll said. “God are you inviting us to be here?” was the question Carroll had to answer.

Under Carroll’s leadership, the Kino Border Initiative serves migrants on both sides of the border by providing humanitarian assistance such a meals, clothing, first aid, and shelter for women and children. The organization also gives presentations at parishes, schools, and organizations on immigration-related topics, including the worldwide situation of refugees and migrants. 

The Kino Teens Club is a program that allows KBI to engage with younger generations by providing high school students with opportunities to serve deported migrants while also educating people on the issues of migration.

For those who want to assist migrants and work to fix immigration issues, Father Sean has a word of advice: “Listen to God and be open to where God is leading you.”

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