Ohio senators unite to end pregnancy discrimination


February 22, 2016


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Ohio Senate Women Unite to End Pregnancy Discrimination

TUESDAY 11AM: senators, faith leaders, small business owners and doctors introduce bipartisan legislation in OH senate


Columbus, OH – Tuesday, February 23rd at 11AM, Ohio senators, faith leaders, small business owners, and doctors will gather at the statehouse to introduce bipartisan legislation to end workplace discrimination against pregnant women.

This coalition knows that no woman should ever have to choose between her job and her pregnancy. In Ohio it is still perfectly legal to deny pregnant women reasonable accommodations that let them work safely as they carry their child, but these leaders say no longer. It’s time for the state legislature to stand up for workers and family values by providing reasonable, temporary accommodations for pregnant women. 

Ohio Family Values is made up of Republicans and Democrats, pro-choice and pro-life advocates, and clergy from across the theological perspective, including Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals, Muslims, Mainline Protestants and Unitarian Universalists.

The clergy have come together around the Compact for Ohio Families, signed by over 150 clergy from across the state that are committed to passing pregnancy discrimination legislation. More information about the coalition can be found at: http://www.ohiofamilyvalues.com/



Press conference introducing the bipartisan Pregnancy Reasonable Accommodations Act into the Senate



Ohio Senator Shannon Jones, R-Springboro

Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard

Rev. Joshua Stoxen, Vineyard Central Church, Cincinnati

Dr. Wayne Trout, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Ted Fraiser, North South Studios, a small business in Wilmington

Amanda Hoyt, Faith in Public Life



Harding Press Conference Room

Ohio Statehouse

1 Capitol Square

Columbus, Ohio 43215



Tuesday, February 23rd at 11AM



PO Box #33668

Washington, DC 20033

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