Dayton Faith Leaders Call On Rep. Turner to Protect SNAP Food Benefits for Mothers, Children


May 15, 2018



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Dayton Faith Leaders Urge Rep. Turner to Protect SNAP Food Benefits for Mothers, Children


Dayton, OH -- On Tuesday, May 15th, faith and community leaders called on Rep. Mike Turner to reject cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the Farm Bill that would reduce or eliminate food assistance for 2 million Americans, including low-income working families, children, seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans. The House is expected to vote on this legislation this week.


Over 65 faith leaders and foodbank advocates also signed a moral declaration that demands lawmakers do the right thing and reject these immoral policies that will increase suffering, hunger and poverty. To view the full list of signers, click here. To watch the livestream video, click here.


Deacon Nick Bates, Hunger Network in Ohio:

“As people of faith, we want a farm bill that supports families when they fall on hard times. SNAP is effective because it responds automatically to growing needs. Before legislators try to identify ways to fix poverty, they need to understand it first. The reality is that many families are just scraping by are working multiple jobs with unpredictable or seasonal hours, low pay and no benefits.”


Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks:

“The reality is that SNAP provides nearly 8 times as much food purchasing power [as food banks] for people struggling to make ends meet. The week, House leadership is preparing to pass a Farm Bill that proposes cuts to SNAP that would further widen the nation’s economic divide. This is the wrong vision for our country, one that would increase hardship for the least among us and further widen inequality. We encourage Congressman Turner to once again faithfully serve the needs of his constituents by voting no on H.R. 2 this week.”


Lora Davenport, The Foodbank:

“Today, we encourage Congressman Turner to support federal food assistance in the farm bill. We must work together to ensure our neighbors have access to nutritious food and we encourage our legislators to stand with us in ensuring no one goes hungry.”


Rev. Jennifer Burns, Memorial United Methodist Church:

“Congress just passed a $1.9 trillion tax cut for large corporations and wealthy shareholders that increases the deficit by $1 trillion over 5 years. Now they’re cutting food assistance for struggling families to pay for it. That’s wrong. Vote no to cuts and bureaucracy.”


Pastor Bob Swanson, First Lutheran Church:

“SNAP meets crucial needs and our entire community benefits as that money feeds folks who would go hungry and goes straight back into the local economy. SNAP provides essential nutrition to children that benefits their health and well-being for a lifetime. These proposed cuts to SNAP will hurt families and children and thus they will hurt us all, at a time when Congress is passing tax bills that benefit corporations and wealthy shareholders.”




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