Nearly 200 Faith & Community Leaders March to Statehouse Chanting, “Protect Our Babies, Not Our Guns!”


September 18, 2019


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Nearly 200 Faith & Community Leaders March to Statehouse Chanting, “Protect Our Babies, Not Our Guns!”

Columbus, OH --  On Wednesday, September 18th, people of faith and community leaders came together to march, rally and pray for an end to gun violence throughout the state. They travelled from Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus, OH to march to the west side of the Statehouse to call on Ohio state legislators to end gun violence by passing common-sense, comprehensive gun-safety legislation.


Following the march, faith leaders led the community in a prayer vigil, during which gun violence victims’ names and their families’ stories were shared. In 2018, gun violence stole the lives of more than 1,500 Ohioans. 


To watch the livestream video, click here.


Crystal Logan, impacted person (Columbus):

"Change is happening, but at a slower rate than gun violence and the trauma that is impacting our daily lives.”


Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., Executive Director, Ohio Council of Churches (Columbus):

“How many more students, shoppers, worshippers, and employees will be sacrificed on the altar of absentee leadership that refuses to protect our community from gun violence? I am not sure what our sisters and brothers in the state house will do, but as I think about victims of grotesque, obscene and needless gun violence, when I consider all of these beautiful people, I want to live by a modified understanding of the words of the Prophet Isaiah, and call for humanity to live by the rule of peace and non-violence.”


Mai Moore, Founder and Executive Director, EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice (Cleveland):

“Gun violence is an epidemic that can be solved. We as a people, have the responsibility to make appropriate changes to help solve this issue and have the power to do so.This issue affects us all. The time is now to support and take positive action. These steps will then create positive growth towards the people most affected in our community - our youth.”


David Eggert, Director, Ohioans for Gun Safety (Cleveland):

“Gun violence is getting worse in Ohio and we are now less safe from gun violence than most other Americans. Improving the background checks system is overwhelmingly supported by Ohioans. A respected poll that came out just in July found 90% support among Ohio voters, and even 87% support among gun owners.”


Sponsoring organizations: Amnesty International; Columbus Chapter of Showing Up For Racial Justice; Crazy Faith Ministries; Death Penalty Action; De-Escalate Ohio Now; Faith in Public Life; God Before Guns; Gun Violence Survivor Network; LEAD – Leadership for Equality and Action in Dayton; Move to Amend National; Ohio Chapter of Protect our Stolen Treasures; Ohio Council of Churches; Ohio Families Against Police Brutality; Ohio Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing; Ohio Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival; Ohioans for Gun Safety; Organize Ohio!; Showing Up for Racial Justice, Cleveland Chapter; State of Emergency on Childhood Trauma; The National Congress On Faith & Social Justice; Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio




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