Ohio Faith Leaders Respond to Church Massacre


November 6, 2017


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Ohio Faith Leaders Respond to Church Massacre

COLUMBUS, OH -- On Sunday, a gunman opened fire on parishioners at a service at a small Baptist church in rural Texas, killing at least 26 people. The gunman, who died shortly after the attack, was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his wife and child.

Sister Sally Sherman, Sisters of Mercy, (Cincinnati):

“In the Christian tradition, we revere martyrs—those who gave their lives in witness to their faith  like the innocent people in Texas. The number of martyrs continues to increase exponentially in our present day.”

Imam Horsed Noah, Somali Islamic Centers of Ohio, (Columbus):

“Even worship places are not even safe! It is really sad that more Americans continue to die in the line of fire in the peace at home than in the all the wars abroad combined yet our  President's only solution to date has been to ban diversity visas. I think it is time faith leaders come together and put out a call for restriction on the gun violence.”

Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens, First Congregational Church (Columbus):

“The mass murder during worship of a community of Christians in Texas is a horrific crime which has destroyed many families and the fabric of a small community forever. No matter what the problem gun violence or violence of any kind is never the solution.”

Deacon Nick Bates, Hunger Network in Ohio:

"These shootings have become too commonplace in our world. As Christians, we pray for the victims today, and it is through our prayers that we open ourselves up to God's call for us to act and to be prophetic witnesses to the way the world should be.

Rev. Gini Lohmann-Bauman, St. John’s United Church of Christ (Columbus):

“Our faith communities need to be sinewy communities of powerful action and advocacy, faith communities that move beyond just thoughtful prayer toward effective gun control laws and creating just communities for everyone."



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