Columbus Faith Leaders Respond to the Reinstatement of Officer Zachary Rosen


March 5, 2018


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Columbus Faith Leaders Respond to the Reinstatement of Officer Zachary Rosen

COLUMBUS, OH -- On Monday March 5th, Officer Zachary Rosen, who killed Henry Green and was subsequently fired for kicking Demarko Anderson in the head while handcuffed, was reinstated  with the Columbus Police Department following arbitration by the Fraternal Order of Police. In light of this development, Columbus clergy have issued the following statements.


Rev. Dan Clark, Faith in Public Life:

“Police officers commit to serve and protect our community. To do this effectively, they need to be able to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. Because of his violent track record, Officer Rosen’s mere presence will likely escalate situations among communities of color and people of conscience. Mayor Ginther and Safety Director Pettus supported Chief Jacobs firing Rosen, but now the FOP has won him his job back. Every person in every neighborhood will not be safe as long as the FOP wields their power to put bad cops on the streets.”


Rev. Dr. Susan Smith, Ohio Poor People’s Campaign:

“History is dotted with instances of law enforcement officers wielding violence - many times deadly - against black people and never being called to accountability. The action taken today to reinstate Officer Rosen back onto the Columbus Police Department is yet another slap in the face and is further evidence of why we say black lives do not matter.”


Father Charles Wilson, St. Philip Episcopal Church:

“The chill we feel in the air today is not solely the March weather, but the chill of citizens, particularly citizens of color, at the news that once again process, politics, senseless policies, and misguided police union ‘principles’ have returned a danger to our streets in the person of this reinstated officer. March has truly come in this year like a lion. And I fear we are the lambs.”



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