Faith Leaders Respond to Mayor Ginther’s Call to Pray for a Safer 2018


January 10, 2018


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Faith Leaders Respond to Mayor Ginther’s Call to Pray for a Safer 2018


COLUMBUS, OH -- On Wednesday, January 10th, interfaith leaders gathered at St. John’s United Church of Christ to respond to Mayor Ginther’s call to “pray for a safer 2018” and urge the Mayor to swiftly implement life-saving strategies to de-escalate violence and help repair the severely damaged trust between law enforcement and communities of color.

To watch the livestream video, click here.

Rev. Gini Lohmann-Bauman, St. John’s United Church of Christ:

“I pray for the day that a gunshot is not the only police solution to an unpredictable encounter on the street. I pray for the day that the people that I serve - homeless, marginally housed, mentally ill, addicted, broken - can trust the police to help them.”

Pastor Rich Johnson, Sanctuary Columbus Church:

“Prayer without humility is fruitless. It requires humility for us in order to understand that we need God, but we also need to hear the cries of the people. So while we pray with one ear towards God, we also pray with one ear towards those who are in need of God’s intervention. The prophet in the book of James says that ‘faith without works is dead,’ so our prayers without works, Mr. Mayor, are dead.”

Imam Horsed Noah, Abubakar Assidiq Islamic Center:

“Prophet Muhammad says, ‘Oh people, spread the peace.’ Brothers and sisters, not only is violence rampant on our streets but also what we see is that the relationship between the police and the community, especially neighborhoods of color, is severely strained.”

Rev. Lane Campbell, First Unitarian Universalist Church:

“Columbus has a safety problem. So far in 2018, there were 6 murders in the first 6 days. My heart breaks to see the ways these murders affect the families left behind. Trust and safety are built on relationship. I want to invite the mayor, the leadership of our police force, and the Fraternal Order of Police to take action to build trust and relationships in our communities and in the city of Columbus.”



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