Melissa Rogers: Americans Are Unable to Practice their Faith Without Fear.

Melissa Rogers, a lawyer who specializes in issues between church and state, is so worried that fear-mongering and discrimination pose a threat to America's religious pluralism that she wrote a book about it. 


“We are seeing hate crimes happening at an alarming rate and certain people aren’t able to practice their faith without fear,” Rogers said.


As the former special assistant to President Obama and past executive director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Rogers wants to ensure that every citizen is informed about these important issues.


Rogers recently wrote Faith in American Public Life to explore this. Legal rules that apply to religion’s role in American public life have often been mischaracterized and misunderstood. This book is a step towards dispelling some of those misunderstandings and serving as a guide to faith issues. Hopefully this guide will be useful for governmental officials and other civil society leaders. Mostly, though, the text is an urgent call to action against the serious threat our country faces with attacks on the most vulnerable, including religious minorities.


“When we don’t have the sense that we can go to our place of worship or wear a religious article of clothing then we don’t have real religious freedom in the United States,” Rogers said. “So I hope more Americans will move from the sidelines to solidarity with individuals and groups who are being targeted.” 


Thursday our nation commemorates Religious Freedom Day. For more information on Melissa Rogers, Faith in American Public Life, listen to a part of John Gehring’s interview with her here: https://twitter.com/FaithPublicLife/status/1205188063321677824


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