Latino Evangelical Leaders Rebuke Inflammatory & Racist Campaign Rhetoric


As Latino evangelical pastors, we stand in bold rebuke of the inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric and proposals used by certain political candidates to marginalize and harm Latino and other immigrant communities. Political and religious leaders who directly or tacitly endorse candidates who espouse this language violate the moral truths we hold dear.


The extreme statements that candidates have made in this election are not idle talk, they are direct threats to the communities we serve. Moreover, the suggestion to “round up” and deport 11 million people would leave millions of families broken and communities paralyzed by fear. No American child should go to school in the morning fearing that her hardworking mom and dad will be whisked away by federal agents before she returns home. As pastors, we already witness such tragedies as a result of our broken immigration system; stepped up mass deportations would increase the suffering on a staggering scale.


Other proposals made on the campaign trail, such as reversing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), would immediately put hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to this country as children at risk of being deported to countries they have never known. Such needless dislocation is unjust.


In addition, rhetoric such as referring to Mexican-American immigrants as rapists, calling a ban on Muslim refugees fleeing violence, and endorsing torture practices have nurtured a climate of division that is detrimental to our democracy. Immigrant children in communities nationwide are already enduring xenophobic schoolyard taunts invoking the name of presidential candidates.


As shepherds of our community, we will not stand by in silence while our brothers, sisters, and neighbors are subjected to words and deeds that deny their human dignity and denigrate their families. Our Christian faith teaches us that our principles must triumph over partisanship. As Hispanic evangelical pastors and leaders, we believe that we cannot allow this rhetoric to remain unanswered.


We are monitoring political candidates for every office and will vocally oppose those who publicly endorse, espouse, or associate with xenophobia or racism. We will speak out just as loudly about candidates who remain silent while our community is attacked.


We expect better from our political leaders. We need real solutions, like a just immigration reform, not pandering or sacrificing our community for political gain. For all that Latinos contribute to America, candidates should be listening to our voices, not insulting and demeaning us. Any voices speaking in favor of candidates with xenophobic, misogynistic, or uncivil discourse do not speak for Latino evangelicals. The Gospel demands we speak up and we will.


In faith,


Dr. Gabriel Salguero

National Latino Evangelical Coalition


Rev. Noel Castellanos

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)


Bishop José García

Bread for the World


Dr. Saturnino Gonzalez

Iglesia el Calvario


Rev. Sergio Navarrete

Asambleas de Dios


Bishop Fidencio Burgueño

Church of God


Bishop Jonathan Roque

Council of Damascus Christian Churches


Bishop Herman Morales Jr.

Pentecostal Church of God I.M.


Bishop Jonathan Roque

Council of Damascus Christian Churches


Bishop Angel Enriquez

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal MI


Bishop Harry J. Torres

Templo Internacional de Restauración


Bishop Herson Gonzalez

Calvary Worship Center


Bishop Harry Torres

Templo Internacional de Restauración


Rev. Michael A. Mata

Azusa Pacific Seminary



Dr.  Joanne Solis-Walker

Wesley Seminary/The Wesleyan Church


Dr. Alvin Padilla

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Theologian Juan Carlos Morales

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary


Dr. Alvin Padilla

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Dr. Michael Carrion

Evangelical Covenant Church


Dr.  Justo Gonzalez

United Methodist Church


Rev. Raymond Rivera

Latino Pastoral Action Center/Sanctuary Church


Rev. Steven Lozada

Templo El Refugio


Rev. Danny Diaz

Love Gospel Assembly Church


Pastor Luis Alba

Cantico Nuevo Christian Center


Rev. Richard Villodas

New Life Fellowship Church


Rev. Pablo Pizarro

Lighthouse Assembly of God and Lighthouse Latino


Rev. Ovidio de la Fuente

Templo Betania Assemblies of God


Rev. Eddy M. Aleman

The Reformed Church in America


Dr. Sammy Alfaro

New Day Church / Iglesia Nuevo Día


Dr. Jacqueline Tavárez

Asociación de Ministros de Carolina del Norte (AMENC)


Pastor  Reynaldo Bazan

The Lamb's Church


Rev. Walter Contreras

Pasadena Presbyterian Church


Rev. Luis Fernandez

Fountain of Salvation Churches


Dr. Marc Rivera

Primitive Christian Church


Rev. Saul Luzunaris

Florida Multicultural District Assemblies of God


Pastor  Luis E. Alvira

Iglesia Un Cantico Nuevo


Dr. Eliseo Nogueras

Hispanic Ministerial Association of Rhode Island


Dr. Vince Bantu

Jubilee Community Church


Pastor Danny Marin

NewLife Church


Dr. Eldin Villafane

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Pastor Victor M. Ramos

Iglesia El Calvario


Rev. Verardo Acosta

Fountain of Salvation

Pastor Hector Salguero

Missionary Pentecostal Church


Rev. Daniel De Jesus

Arca de Salvación


Pastor Norberto Torres

Iglesia Cristiana El Refugio


Pastor Glenn J. Wilson

Restoration Family Worship Center


Pastor Luis E. Alvira

Iglesia Un Cantico Nuevo


Pastor Jesus Manuel Torres

Jesus Manuel Torres Ministries


Rev. Max Rodas

Nueva Luz URC


Dr. Roberto Hodgson

Church of the Nazarene


Rev. Verardo Acosta

Fountain of Salvation Church


Dr. Jared E. Alcántara

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Pastor Daniel Mendez

New Life Church


Rev. Carlos Evans

CR Evans Ministries


Dr. Fernando Cascante

Pastor and Educator


Rev. Raul Perez

Decide Inc.


Rev. Sigfredo Rivera

Iglesia el Calvario


Pastor Jonathan Olavarria

The Hub Church


Pastor Omar Johnson

Iglesia El Calvario


Rev. Rafael A Rivera

Iglesia El Calvario, Orlando. (IEC)


Pastor Marcos D. Gonzalez

Faith Assembly of God


Pastor Jose Humphreys

Metro Hope Covenant Church


Rev. Joseph Pastori

Aseemblies of God Presbyter New Jersey


Sr. Enid Almanzar

The Lamb's Church


Pastor Ruben Nuno



Pastor Jorge Sifuentes

LIFE Center Christian Church/Iglesia Centro de Vida


Rev. Javier Rodriguez Orona

Mision Mana del Cielo, Inc.


Sr. Meghann Nuño

Union Church Los Angeles


Evelmyn Ivens




Rev. Orlando Crespo



Pastor Alex yepes

Casa evidencias


Rev. Peter Acevedo

Iglesia Criistiana Damasco de Hunt Point


Rev. Jose Gonzalez

Damascus Christian Church


Rev. Efrain Pineda

Congreso de Pastores y Lideres RED


Pastor Alberto Benitez Jr

IDDPMI Jehova Rafa


Ms. Ruth N Benitez

IDDPMI Jehova Rafa


Pastor Maria Acosta-Lopez



Rev. Antonio Alfredo Cardona

IDDPMI-CMR Greenbelt


Rev. David Boneta

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, MI Peniel


Pastor William A Peña

IDDPMI RAM. Cas a de Refugio y Esperanza


Pastor Santos Santiago

Iglesia Pentecostal de DIOS M.I.


Rev. Joseito Velasquez

Healing Waters Ministries


Pastor Vanessa Guzman

Aprendiendo a Ser La Luz


Rev. Danny Martinez

MHIPE. Ministerios Hispanos de la Iglesia del Pacto Evangelico.


Rev. Jerry D. Porter

Church of the Nazarene


Rev. David Ramos

Latino Leadership Circle


Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R.

Wheaton College Gaduate School


Dr. Orlando Crespo

National Latino Evangelical Coalition


Dr. Pedro J Windsor-Garcia

The Neighborhood Chapel - La Capilla del Barrio


Ms. Evelyn Toennies

Sanctuary Church


Rev. Jose L Acosta

Iglesia Oasis Pentecostal, AIC.

Pastor Jonathan Sanchez

IDDPMI RAM. Cas a de Refugio y Esperanza

Rev. Julio Rios Valentin

Visionaries of Christ Ministries, Inc. 

Pastor Javier Perez


Bishop Efrain Pineda, Jr. 

Congreso de Pastores y Lideres RED/Christian Life Center

Pastor Victor Rosado 

Iddpmi Emmanuel Church

Pastor Edward Alamo 

Iglesia Cristo es el camino la verdad y la vida

Rev. Elisamuel Rodriguez

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, JEHOVA Nissi

Rev. William Figueroa

Iddpmi El Tabernaculo 


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