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NCR: Election 2020: encountering exhaustion, agony and hope

"I am exhausted." So said John Gehring, Catholic program director for Faith in Public Life, at "The Catholic Vote and the 2020 Election" program. The Feb. 29 event, geared for Catholics ages 21 through 40, was sponsored by The Weal, Commonweal magazine's reading group for under-40 professionals and the Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. 

NCR: Faith in Public Life leads conversation on race at Xavier in Cincinnati

For his part, Gehring wants more people to hear the voices of McKee and others on similar panels. Faith in Public Life has embarked on a tour of college campuses to host more events. Faith in Public Life has hosted immigration panels at Trinity University and Marymount University. The next stop on the tour is Cabrini University March 30.

CRUX: Event examines intersection of faith and pursuit of racial justice

Student leaders tackled the intersections of race, faith, and justice during a frank panel discussion at Xavier University. Dr. Marcus Mescher, the event’s organizer and an assistant professor of Christian ethics at the midwestern Jesuit university, told Crux that “many in attendance remarked that they ‘got more than they bargained for’ by showing up and left feeling more informed and empowered than they expected.”

AP: Report finds Catholic charity founder sexually abused women

John Gehring, program director at the U.S. advocacy network Faith in Public Life, said Vanier attracted so many devotees because he was a “quiet refugee from that chaos” of the institutional Catholic Church. “Part of why the Vanier news is so gutting, I think, is that he offered an authentic path into deep spirituality for many detached from the institutional church and disillusioned with clerical leaders who abused power,” he tweeted. “The truth is painful.”

CNS: Immigrant Marymount students discuss what they've faced

On any college campus, it wouldn't be hard to find students who say how hard they worked to get where they are or to stay there -- from the application process, tuition costs and keeping up with the workload. On Feb. 12, in an auditorium on Marymount University campus in Arlington, a group of immigrant students did just that and then some, highlighting typical college student challenges but ones that were magnified by language barriers, financial constraints and immigration "obstacles" as one student put it.

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Facebook Live Conversation on Catholic Millennials & Activism
John Gehring on CNN on Catholic Abuse Scandal


The Francis Effect explores how a church once known as a towering force for social justice became known for a narrow agenda most closely aligned with one political party, and then looks at the opportunities for change in the “age of Francis.” Pope Francis has become an unlikely global star whose image has graced the covers of Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Time and even the nation’s oldest magazine for gays and lesbians.

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