RNS: It’s time to reclaim the pro-worker history of Catholic social teaching

This Labor Day, presidential candidates will no doubt be talking about the plight of American workers and fairness in the U.S. economy. Few, if any, are likely to mention the Catholic Church’s significant contributions to the fight for worker justice. But as extreme inequality continues to grow, there’s value in reflecting on how Catholic social teaching has offered a check on the excesses of unfettered capitalism over the past century.

NCR: Ignatian Solidarity Network educates, inspires young immigration activists

The young Jesuit is preaching. On this late July day, church is a room at John Carroll University in Cleveland, where more than two dozen college students from 14 Jesuit campuses are settling in for an intensive training that is part Ignatian spiritual retreat, part boot camp for young activists.

RNS: Can faithful Catholics vote for President Trump?

A political truism, backed by decades of data, holds that the presidential candidate most successful at persuading Catholic voters usually wins the White House. Barack Obama won the Catholic vote twice. Donald Trump’s path to victory in 2016 ran through Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Catholics make up a disproportionate share of the population. The president’s narrow margin of success in those states was fueled by white Catholics.

Religion & Politics: The Vatican Draws a Line on Gender, and Transgender Catholics Push Back

Instances like these have led to greater dissonance between the teaching of sexuality and the lived realities of Catholics, said John Gehring, Catholic Program Director at Faith in Public Life, a national interfaith network of nearly 50,000 clergy and faith leaders. If anything, documents such as “Male and Female He Created Them” reflect a lack of understanding between Catholic leadership and parishioners, Gehring said. “The idea that a male celibate hierarch would lecture us about human sexuality is somewhat galling; there’s a theological arrogance at play,” he said. “You have a very sheltered group of celibate men who don’t have really any experience with what it means to be in a healthy, sexual relationship wagging a finger at the world saying, ‘Listen to us.’”

Salt Lake Tribune: For migrants, a light in the darkness

Among the 70 arrested on Thursday was my friend John Gehring, a Catholic writer who was in custody for about four hours and, in the spirit of charity, praised the Capitol Police for their respectful handling of the demonstrators. "They obviously don't feel good about putting handcuffs on 80-year-old nuns," he said.

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Facebook Live Conversation on Catholic Millennials & Activism
John Gehring on CNN on Catholic Abuse Scandal


The Francis Effect explores how a church once known as a towering force for social justice became known for a narrow agenda most closely aligned with one political party, and then looks at the opportunities for change in the “age of Francis.” Pope Francis has become an unlikely global star whose image has graced the covers of Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Time and even the nation’s oldest magazine for gays and lesbians.

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