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Count Every Vote

Join with people of faith who are proclaiming loudly that we need to count every vote this election season: our democracy depends on a safe and smooth election.

We are in the midst of the most crucial election season of our lives, and the work of defending our democracy will not end on November 3rd. Your community and congregation will need clear guidance and reassurance — especially if results are delayed and misinformation spreads.

Resources to Count Every Vote
& Prevent VIolence

Post-Election Count Every Vote Messaging Training

People are looking to faith leaders for courage and clarity now as results are delayed and misinformation spreads. Watch as Dan Nejfelt provides clear and up-to-date guidance and messaging tips for you to talk with the media and your congregation.

Faith Rising for Democracy: A Virtual Rally

We’ve fought hard to get out the vote and rallied around the cry that every vote must be counted. While we do not know what will happen in the days ahead, we know we need each other and our faith to prepare us for the next steps.

De-escalation training for People of Faith

To do de-escalation well, you’re going to need to practice. Get what you need to practice how to keep things cool and calm at the polls when people are trying to be antagonizing. Learn how to keep your faith at the center of your response to chaos and how to help center those around you.

Nonviolent Direct Action Training

Video of a training on October 28th on Nonviolent Direct Action Training for people of faith.

Rev. Traci Blackmon on Faithful Nonviolent Direct Action

Rev. Traci Blackmon gives faith leaders an encouraging word to engage in faithful non-violent direct action.
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