Florida Faith Leaders Applaud the Resignation of State

Sen. Frank Artiles  


April 21, 2017



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Florida Faith Leaders Applaud the Resignation of State Sen. Frank Artiles


Jacksonville, Fla. — Prominent interfaith clergy throughout the state are applauding State Sen. Frank Artiles’ decision to resign from office in the wake of his recent hateful remarks. Treating others as we wish to be treated is a basic tenet of all religious traditions.


State Sen. Frank Artiles’ racist, sexist and homophobic words revealed that he was unfit to represent the rich and diverse tapestry of Floridians in his district and throughout our great state. More than 65 faith leaders signed a statewide petition calling for his immediate resignation. To see the letter and a full list of signers, click here.


Pastor R. L. Gundy, Mount Sinai Baptist Church:

“Frank Artiles' ugly words accurately reflect the racism and misogyny that are still deeply rooted in American culture. Resigning was the only appropriate response after using such irresponsible and profane language.  His apology was reminiscent of the"locker room talk" excuse we've heard before. We deserve leaders who care more about building a more respectful country than about winning elections and keeping power."



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