As people of faith, we are called to support the dignity, health and economic security of all families. Ensuring that every working parent has paid leave to bond with a new child during its tender first days is a matter of justice that flows from our commitment to treating others as we wish for our own family to be treated.

Every working family deserves and needs paid family leave. Whether for the birth of a child, for an adoption or the arrival of a foster child, parents need time to bond with their new children. This is a necessity, not a luxury or a privilege. But many families are denied this fundamental need: in Florida, even unpaid parental leave is unavailable for 63% of working people.

To right this wrong, the Florida legislature must pass the FAMILY Act. This bill would require employers to allow employees to take paid family leave to bond with a new child upon the child’s birth, adoption, or foster care placement, and when serious medical needs arise.

This legislation would bring life and health to Florida’s families. Paid family leave clearly reduces infant mortality, improves maternal health outcomes, and lays the foundation for a healthy life. There is no substitute for the bonding a family does in the first days and weeks of a child’s arrival. The FAMILY Act ensures that working Floridians can afford to take this crucial and precious time.

Our faiths require us to build a more just Florida, a healthier community and a family-friendly economy for everyone in our state. Because of that commitment, we call on Florida state senators and representatives to pass the FAMILY Act and build a state that works for our families.

Letter to the Legislature



Thank you for joining our cry for justice for Florida's working families. Below is the full text of our letter to the Florida Legislature.


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