FL Faith Leaders Pray for Pensacola Victims,

Denounce Gun Violence


December 6, 2018



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FL Faith Leaders Pray for Pensacola Victims, Denounce Gun Violence

Pensacola, FL --  On Friday, December 6th, a mass shooting occurred at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Four people died, including the shooter, a military pilot from Saudia Arabia who was training on the base. This was the second mass shooting this week at a U.S. naval base.


Bro. Matt Dailey, Faith in Public Life (Tallahassee):

"I am mourning for my hometown of Pensacola. Naval Air Station Pensacola is an integral part of our community’s identity. The national epidemic of gun violence striking in such a secure and iconic place is heartbreaking and terrifying. As we approach the second Sunday of Advent, when many Protestant churches light the candle of peace, I challenge faith leaders and my community to remember ‘peace on earth and goodwill to men’ isn't just prophetic -- it's a declaration of a new day. The violence must end."


Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, The Global Justice Institute (Orlando):

“We need common-sense gun laws that protect our loved ones. We must focus on making meaningful progress around the scourge of gun violence in the United States."






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