José Arnulfo-Cabrera: Millennial, Catholic & Undocumented in Trump Era.

At 4 years old, José Arnulfo-Cabrera’s family moved from Mexico to find a better life in Cincinnati. Almost 20 years later, he serves as the director of education and advocacy for Ignatian Solidarity Network and remains deeply rooted in the community. 


Cabrera, who graduated from Xavier University in 2018, spends most of his days meeting with Jesuit partners and parishioners to learn about immigrants’ needs  and how he can amplify the work already being done for immigrant rights in the Jesuit network. 


The activist endeavors to find sustainable organizing tools to make our nation more welcoming and hospitable. 


“For me as a DACA recipient and my community, it’s the racist policies we have in place that need to change,” Cabrera said. “Ensuring that we don’t have policies like that ultimately allow police to racially profile people of color - that’s what we need removed.”


Witnessing impacted people lead their own movements is where Cabrera sees the Holy Spirit come to fruition.

“Through [the Holy Spirit’s] divine gift that was given to us by God, we must live out our faith,” Cabrera explained. “When I look at social justice and what I’m fighting for, it is to help people unlock their potential. It’s through the support of our collective community that we will end racist policies and find equity for all.” 


For more information on Jose and ISN visit, https://ignatiansolidarity.net/.


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