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We are the faithful majority. The vast majority of religious Americans – 69 percent, according to a new polling analysis – support nondiscrimination protections that would protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in jobs, public accommodations and housing. 

Faith For Equality, a coalition of 120+ religious groups that support LGBTQ dignity, is excited to release this new analysis of data collected by the Public Religion Research Institute’s American Values Atlas. We can’t let the religious right continue to spread misinformation that LGBTQ rights and religion are in conflict. We must correct the record and ensure that the public, the media, and lawmakers understand the strong and growing support for LGBTQ rights among religious Americans. Check out our toolkit to promote these findings.

We are the Faithful Majority Rally!

Call Your Senators Now!

Call your Senators now and tell them that you are part of the Faithful Majority which demands protections for LGBTQ people!

What you can say:

Hi my name is _____ and I am from (state). I am calling to share that I am a part of the Faithful Majority, the 69% of religious Americans who support laws that would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, jobs, and public accommodations. It’s not right that 29 states still do not have laws that explicitly protect LGBTQ from discrimination. Without federal protections, people remain vulnerable to being evicted from their homes, kicked out of a business that’s open to the public, denied health care, or denied government services because of who they are. As a person of faith, I urge the Senator to support and advance federal non-discrimination protects for LGBTQ+ people. Thank you.”

Take action

Anchoring organizations and coalitions include:

Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ, Catholics for Choice, Fairness West Virginia, Inclusive Justice of Michigan, Pride in the Pews as well

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