Fabiola Hernandez' Story

A little about Fabiola Hernandez, age 25


She fled her village in Chiapas at 15 years old, and arrived in Norwalk, Ohio. She enrolled in Norwalk High School, dropping out after less than two years in order to work and help support her family. She did not get DACA due to lack of access to legal representation in rural Ohio. She worked at Corso's Nursery, one of the many nurseries that depend on immigrant workers to stay in business and do the hard labor required in that business.


In 2010, she was in a car with other nursery workers. They were shopping in a JC Penney in Sandusky. They inadvertently left their car door open in the parking lot, and someone called the police. When they came out, they got in their car and drove to Target. On the way, the police stopped them and called the Border Patrol. All were detained.


Fabiola was held in jail for over two weeks, despite being five months pregnant with twins. She was released on bond and went into labor the week she was released from detention. The girls were born prematurely at five and half months. One of the twins, Yasmin, was born with cerebral palsy as a result.  Fabiola was granted a Stay of Removal, which she has complied with since 2011.  A Stay of Removal requires the immigrant to check in with ICE on a regular basis.


Last Tuesday, she went to her regular check-in and was apprehended by ICE and is scheduled to be deported this coming Tuesday.

As people of faith we must act quickly to keep the Hernandez family together.

What you can do

Today, call Senator Rob Portman and Rep. Jim Jordan and in your own words ask them to:  

- Call ICE and ask them to stop Fabiola’s deportation so that she can stay in the U.S. to care for her disabled daughter Yasmin.  


- Existing immigration policies actually allow Fabiola to stay in the U.S. to care for her disabled daughter, who has cerebral palsy. ICE must follow this rule. 

- Fabiola's village in Mexico lacks the medical services Yasmin, a U.S. citizen, needs to survive.

CALL SEN. ROB PORTMAN at (216) 522-7095 


CALL REP. JIM JORDAN at (419) 999-6455 


PO Box #33668

Washington, DC 20033

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