Rev. Jennifer Butler

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Rev. Jennifer Butler is the founder and CEO of Faith in Public Life and the former chair of the White House Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships.


Under Rev. Butler’s leadership, Faith in Public Life has flourished as a strong voice for progressive people of faith to speak in the public square. She has grown the national network to nearly 50,000 clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice and the common good. With state offices in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio, Faith in Public Life has helped win victories from passing a ground-breaking Human Rights Ordinance protecting LGBTQ rights in Jacksonville, FL, to protecting the Affordable Care Act from Republican sabotage.

Before founding FPL in 2005, Rev. Butler spent ten years working in international human rights representing the Presbyterian Church (USA) at the United Nations. While mobilizing religious communities to address the AIDS pandemic and advocate for women’s rights she grew passionate

about the need to counter religious extremism with a strong religious argument for human rights. Out of that experience she wrote Born Again: The Christian Right Globalized, published by University of Michigan Press. Her book calls for a progressive religious response to Religious Right efforts to take the culture wars global.


Rev. Butler served in the Peace Corps from 1989 to 1991 in a Mayan village in Belize, Central America where she discovered she was at heart a community organizer. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, she also studied public policy and community organizing and graduated with a MSW from Rutgers University. She’s a graduate of the College of William and Mary and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA). When she is not dreaming up ways to amplify faith voices for social justice, Rev. Butler loves camping, hiking and biking with her husband and son.

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