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Quote of the Day

“It’s hard for the community. They were thinking their life was going to be different, they could come out of the shadows, but now it’s like, ‘Sorry.’”

-- Eliana Fernandez, an immigrant and a case manager for a New York advocacy group, on the Supreme Court decision that left in place a lower court decision against President Obama’s action to defer deportation for millions of immigrants. (New York Times)


Monday Must-Reads


Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions

By Adam Liptak, New York Times


The Supreme Court on Monday struck down parts of a restrictive Texas law that could have reduced the number of abortion clinics in the state to about 10 from what was once a high of roughly 40.





After Brexit, Aid Groups Unite To Support Refugees, Children In Need

By Lin Taylor, Reuters


Britain has voted to leave the European Union, forcing the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and dealing the biggest blow to the European project of greater unity since World War Two. Here are some reactions from aid agencies, charities and religious organisations about the decision to leave the EU:





Francis: Christians must apologize to gay people for marginalizing them

By Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter


The Catholic church and other Christian communities must apologize to gay people and to many groups they have let down or offended throughout history, Pope Francis has said.





Orlando surfaces issues of moral urgency

By National Catholic Reporter Editorial Staff


Orlando now joins the growing list of previously benign locales -- Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Charleston, to name just some of the better-known -- that have become the unpredictable itinerary of a gun-obsessed culture at the service of seething anger and irrational hatred.





Orlando tragedy can serve as a teaching moment for Muslim Americans

By Ra'fat Aldajani, National Catholic Reporter


We must be proactive in defining what our religion really stands for in word and in action. We have a tendency to get defensive when such violent acts are committed in Islam's name, and retreat into our own communities.





The Awkward Love Story of Trump and American Evangelicals

By Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic


Ahead of the Republican National Convention, Trump has knocked every Republican opponent out of the race for United States president and managed to win endorsements from numerous critics. Most notably, many evangelicals who once opposed Trump’s candidacy are now awkwardly falling for him.





As Trump Defies Expectations Of Faith, Might We Be Entering A New Era?

By Tom Gjelten, NPR


This expectation of presidential religiosity, however, is being tested with the candidacy of thrice-married Donald Trump, who mangles his references to the Bible, says he doesn't often need forgiveness and when asked what he thought about Jesus, managed only to say he respected him "in terms of bravery and in terms of courage."





Low-Priority Immigrants Still Swept Up in Net of Deportation

By Julia Preston, New York Times


The Supreme Court on Thursday effectively ended initiatives by President Obama that would have given protection from deportation to more than four million immigrants in the country illegally, most of them parents of American citizens. … Still, deportations continue, thousands every week.





Arizona runs out of lethal injection drugs: Is this how the death penalty dies?

By Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor


Arizona’s admission on Friday that its supply of a drug mixture approved for use in the death penalty has dried up can be tied directly to a growing refusal of US and European pharmaceutical companies – including, last month, Pfizer – to be partners in state-sponsored homicide.





California's Religious Liberty Moment—Coming to a State Near You

By Ed Stetzer and Marty Duren, Christianity Today


The California legislature is poised to consider legislation that could destroy the ability of numerous faith-based colleges and universities to pursue the mission for which they were created. SB 1146, one of two similar bills recently introduced into the California legislature, would essentially restrict fully faith-based education to seminaries.



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