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Faith in Public Life provides strategic media guidance for broad-based issue campaigns, individual faith leaders, and national, state and local groups. We help our partners think through communications goals and implement communications plans tailored to meet those goals. On any given effort, our work could include:

  • developing and disseminating strategic messaging
  • designing paid-media campaigns (i.e. newspaper or radio ads)
  • building tailored press lists by media market, city, or area of coverage
  • identifying and training key clergy spokespeople for media appearances and public events
  • writing and distributing media advisories and press releases
  • pitching and booking spokespeople to broadcast media
  • crafting, editing and/or placing opinion pieces
  • conducting new-media outreach via blogs and social media
  • sharing information via Facebook or Twitter
  • advising on tactics, and strategy for media events (press conferences, prayer vigils, rallies, etc.)

In addition to advising partners on planned, pro-active campaigns, FPL also closely monitors the news cycle for moments of opportunity. When news breaks, we can respond within hours, inserting voices from the faith community into coverage while the story is still developing.

FPL also provides media, communications and messaging trainings to a range of audiences, such as politically active clergy and faith-based organizers working on key issue priorities across the country.  FPL provides tailored curricula, presents highly effective messages, and helps leaders practice and develop their skills.  Trainings can focus on organizing events that earn media coverage, talking to print and TV reporters, and developing cohesive and powerful messaging.

By deploying sound strategies and industry best practices, we have been able to amplify the faith community’s moral witness on important issues such as climate change, immigration reform and health care.