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The Arab-American Vote

Sponsor: The Arab-American Institute
Released: 2008-09

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This poll found that shifts in party identification continues, with more Arab-Americans identifying as Democrat than did in 200. The Democrat/Republican break in 2000 was 40/38. Now it is 46/20. Obama leads by 21 points in the two-way matchup with McCain (54-33). The margin drops to 14 points (46-32) when Barr and Nader are included. The most important issues for Arab American voters are jobs/economy, followed by the war in Iraq/peace/foreign affairs, and health care. Arab American voters in five battleground states (Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia) can be important. These states are home to 30% of the Arab American population, with the Arab American vote ranging from nearly 5% of Michigan’s total to a percent and a half of Pennsylvania’s.