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Muslim Americans: A National Portrait

Sponsor: Gallup
Released: 2009-03

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Muslim Americans are the most racially diverse religious group surveyed in the United States, with African Americans making up the largest contingent within the population, at 35%.

The report also reveals that Muslim American women are one of the most highly educated female religious groups in the United States, second only to Jewish American women.

The report finds that only 51% of young Muslim Americans are registered to vote, which is one of the lowest percentages among young Americans surveyed.

When asked about their political views, 39% of young Muslim Americans describe their views as moderate, 28% say they are either liberal or very liberal, while 20% consider themselves politically conservative or very conservative.

Concerning faith and religiosity, about 41% of Muslim Americans and Protestant Americans say they attend their place of worship at least once a week, while 37% of Catholic Americans say the same. When asked whether religion is an important part of their daily lives, 80% of Muslim Americans answer in the affirmative. Of the religious groups studied, only Mormons (85%) are more likely than Muslims to say religion plays an important role in their lives.