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Beliefnet’s 2008 Exit Poll

Sponsor: Beliefnet
Released: 2008-11

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This is an unscientific poll of Beliefnet users, which looks voting patterns and preferences of the most religious of the Obama and McCain constituencies- those who attend church weekly or more. (Exit polls indicated that 55% of those who attend worship services weekly or more voted for McCain while 43% voted for Obama, an improvement over past Democratic performances.)

Religious Obama voters and religious McCain voters worship and pray at similar rates but interpret the Bible in dramatically different ways–and have starkly different views on the issues-according to the user survey.

Half of McCain voters believe Obama is or was Muslim, with 31.7% saying “He used to be Muslim and still has too many connections to Islam.”

Many more Obama voters believe McCain ran an unchristian campaign, rather than vice versa.

Among the most religious voters, Obama supporters believe that education is the best way to reduce abortion, while McCain supporters prefer bans and restrictions on abortion.

Supporters of each candidate doubt the religious sincerity of the other candidate.