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Arab-Americans: How we see ourselves

Sponsor: Arab American Institute
Released: 2007-07

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Experiences of discrimination are not uniform within the Arab American community, with 76% of young Arab Americans (18 to 29 years old) and 58% of Arab American Muslims reporting that they have “personally experienced discrimination in the past because of [their] ethnicity,” as opposed to 42% of respondents overall. Arab Americans overall were split on their agreement with the statement “U.S. policy demonstrates respect toward the Islamic faith,” but respondents between 18 and 29 and Muslim respondents were far more likely to disagree. 67% of the 18 to 29 age group disagreed and 68% of Muslim Arab Americans disagreed. Pride in heritage compared to ten years ago has risen most among Arab Americans between 18 and 29, with 47% responding that they have more pride in their heritage today, as opposed to just 11% who have less pride.