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Activating Values-Driven Progressive Voters

Sponsor: Faith in Public Life
Released: 2011-10

Faith in Public Life commissioned a September 2011 survey of registered Ohio voters’ views on economic issues. The survey, conducted by the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research, measured the impact of religious messages on attitudes related to health care reform, deficit reduction, and SB5, the collective bargaining restriction law. Knowing that moral values and […]

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Plurality of Americans believe capitalism at odds with Christian values

Sponsor: Public Religion Research Institute and Brookings Institution and Religion News Service
Released: 2011-04

Overall more Americans believe that Christian values are at odds with capitalism and the free market than believe they are compatible. This pattern also holds among Christians. Among Christians in the U.S., only 38% believe capitalism and the free market are consistent with Christian values while 46% believe the two are at odds. Religiously unaffiliated […]

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What the Millennial Generation Tells Us about the Future of the Abortion Debate and the Culture Wars

Sponsor: Public Religion Research Institute and Brookings Institution
Released: 2011-06

Views on abortion vary significantly by age, religion, race, education, political affiliation, and geographic region. However, there are no significant gender differences in views about the legality of abortion. Attitudes among the Millenial generation (ages 18 to 29) do not significantly differ from attitudes in the general population about the legality of abortion. Six-in-ten Millenials […]

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America’s Places of Worship Handling of Homosexuality

Sponsor: Religion News Service/Public Religion Research Institute
Released: 2010-10

Regardless of their own religious views on the issue, few Americans believe that places of worship are doing a good job handling the issue of homosexuality. A plurality (43%) of Americans say the messages coming from places of worship are negative, and 4-in-10 Americans believe that these messages contribute “a lot” to negative perceptions of […]

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Post-Election American Values Survey

Sponsor: Brookings Institution/Public Religion Research Institute
Released: 2010-11

President Obama’s religion dilemma. A majority of Americans say that President Obama has religious beliefs that are somewhat different (16%) or very different (35%) than their own. Only 4-in-10 believe that Obama has similar religious beliefs to their own. Of those who say Obama’s religious beliefs are very similar to their own, 94 percent have […]

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