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Beyond the God Gap: A New Roadmap for Reaching Religious Americans on Public Policy Issues

Sponsor: Public Religion Research Institute, Third Way
Released: 2010-06

Based on extensive research and analysis of religious groups’ theology and culture, the report highlights several important patterns in the shifting religious landscape. The report offers surprising and fresh insights into the beliefs and values underlying attitudes toward politics and cultural and domestic policy issues among white evangelical Protestants, white Mainline Protestants, African American Protestants, […]

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Survey of US Catholics’ Opinions of Women Religious

Sponsor: Knowledge Works
Released: 2010-05

William D’Antonio, Ph.D., Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at Catholic University, reported on findings from a survey carried out in May by Knowledge Networks that showed American Catholics have a very positive image of the women religious (Sisters/Nuns) in the United States. More than half of American Catholics (53%) said […]

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Current Views on Abortion

Sponsor: The Barna Group
Released: 2010-06

The Barna study of 1,001 adults explored Americans’ views on abortion by asking if they believe “abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases.” Given this set of four options, the nation’s population leans toward retaining legal status for abortion: 49% prefer keeping […]

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A Comparative Portrait of Conservative and Progressive Religious Activists in the 2008 Election and Beyond

Sponsor: Public Religion Research Institute
Released: 2009-09

Conservative and progressive religious activists are deeply religious, but have strikingly different religious profiles. In terms of religious affiliation, conservative activists are almost exclusively Christian, whereas progressive activists are more diverse. Among conservative activists, 54% identify as evangelical Protestant, 35% as Roman Catholic, and 9% with Mainline Protestantism. Among progressive activists, 44% identify as Mainline […]

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The Gallup Coexist Index 2009: A Global Study of Interfaith Relations

Sponsor: Gallup, The Coexist Foundation
Released: 2009-05

A groundbreaking new report by Gallup and the Coexist Foundation, The Gallup Coexist Index 2009: A Global Study of Interfaith Relations, is the first annual report on the state of faith relations in countries around the world. It shows that European Muslims are striving to be more involved, with 96% of German Muslims saying that […]

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