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Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Sponsor: Relevant Magazine
Released: 2008-01

Online poll of readers of the young evangelical flagship publication Relevant Magazine examines views on policy, politicians and candidates. Sen. Barack Obama narrowly defeated Gov. Mike Huckabee in responses to the question, “Who Would Jesus Vote For?” Provides demographic information on those polled.

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Nationwide Survey of Moral and Social Issues

Sponsor: The Barna Group
Released: 2008-01

This survey examines the perceived importance of 10 diverse issues. Issues include HIV/AIDS, personal indebtedness, abortion, with attention paid to whether voters are born-again Christian or not. Note: The Barna Group identifies evangelical and Born-Again Christians differently than other polling organizations, using their own criteria rather than self-identification.

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The Republican Race: Sweeping Changes

Sponsor: CBS News/New York Times
Released: 2007-12

43% of respondents said it’s very or somewhat important for a candidate to share their religious beliefs (62% of Republican primary voters said it was very/somewhat important).

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Views on Religion and Democracy

Sponsor: Gallup
Released: 2007-10

Should religion influence legislation? People in predominantly Muslim countries tend to say yes, though countries like Iran don’t adamantly believe sharia (Islamic law) should be the sole basis of legislation. (Only 14% of Iranian respondents think it should be the sole basis.) 46% of Americans think the Bible should be a basis of legislation, but […]

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Annual Religion and Public Life Survey

Sponsor: The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
Released: 2007-09

The Pew Research Center has conducted several topical analyses using this data. Mormonism and Islam: Study gives insights into Americans’ views about Islam, Mormonism and Pope Benedict XVI; responses are broken down in terms of religious and political demographics. It also gives statistics on whether voters would vote for a Muslim or Mormon running for […]

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