Poll Spot

National Survey on Perspectives on Poverty

Sponsor: The Barna Group
Released: 2007-06

A majority of Americans are very concerned about poverty though they are largely misinformed about its severity. Evangelical Christians are half as likely as other Americans to view poverty as the biggest challenge facing the nation. Evangelicals are also least likely to see poverty as a government job/most likely to see it as the church’s […]

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Changing Faiths : Latinos and the Transformation of American Religion

Sponsor: The Pew Research Center
Released: 2007-04

This survey evaluates the impact of renewalism on Hispanic Christianity, as well as mapping the connections between Hispanics’ religious beliefs and their political and ideological views. Even after controlling for language ability, nationality, generation and education, for instance, Latino evangelicals are still significantly more conservative than are Catholics on social issues, foreign policy issues and […]

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Values Update Survey

Sponsor: Pew Research Center for People and the Press
Released: 2007-03

Republicans are as religious as they were in past decades while Democratic levels of commitment have decreased; there are declines in “traditional” or “conservative” social attitudes.

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Poll on Abortion

Sponsor: ABC News/Washington Post
Released: 2007-03

Since 2004, views on abortion have become more moderate, with notable shifts evident among evangelical white Protestants and Catholics.

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2006 Election Exit Polls

Sponsor: National Election Pool
Released: 2006-11

Voters in most states were asked for their religious affiliation, how often they attend religious services, and whether or not they describe themselves as evangelical or Born-again Christian. The exit polls are sponsored by the National Election Pool, a media consortium consisting of ABC News, the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, FOX News and NBC […]

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