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Following Federal Ruling, Catholic Sisters Condemn Susan B. Anthony List’s Lies about Health Reform and Abortion

August 4, 2011, 5:47 pm | Posted by Kristin Ford

Celebrate Ruling and Reiterate Commitment to Life-Saving Affordable Care Act

In the first legal test of the legitimacy of the anti-health reform argument that the Affordable Care Act funded abortions, a federal judge in Ohio ruled this week against the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, in their lawsuit against former Democratic Representative Steve Driehaus. The judge ruled that the linchpin of the SBA List argument — that the legislation included taxpayer funding of abortion — is false. In the summary judgment (available here), Judge Timothy Black wrote, “The express language of the PPACA does not provide for tax-payer funded abortion. That is a fact, and it is clear on its face.”

Today, national Catholic organizations and women religious are speaking out to condemn false claims about abortion funding by groups like SBA List and to reaffirm their commitment to health care reform that protects families and saves lives.

“This important ruling untangles the knots of lies and innuendo about the health care reform law that has been exploited for partisan gain,” said Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby. “As this decision makes clear, the Affordable Care Act does not provide for taxpayer funded abortions. Religious sisters on the front lines of our nation’s health care crisis know from experience that health care reform will save lives, support pregnant women and even help prevent abortions. Groups that attacked pro-life Members of Congress for supporting health care reform have now been exposed for holding greater allegiance to partisan agendas than making sure women and families have access to quality and affordable medical care.”

NETWORK, along with 60 heads of Catholic women’s religious orders, endorsed health care reform legislation as “life-affirming” in a high-profile letter at a pivotal moment in the health care debate.

“As Catholic sisters who stood proudly with the Catholic Health Association and other faith-based organizations in support of health care reform, this ruling brings welcome clarity to an issue that has often been muddied by deliberate distortion,” said Sister Pat Farrell, OSF, President-Elect of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. “Attacking pro-life representatives who fought for historic changes to our nation’s broken health care system as proponents of taxpayer funding of abortion is factually and morally wrong. Instead of engaging in destructive political games that distort the truth it’s time to focus on building a health care system that lives up to our nation’s best values and highest ideals.”



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