FPL Daily News Reel: June 8, 2012

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The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

VIDEO: The bishops religious liberty campaign is not partisan. Really.
By David Gibson — Religion News Service
Father Andrew swears he is not being partisan, and after all, he’s just talking about religious freedom…Money quote: “Socialism is a foreign threat to our democracy! I am tired of this experiment and I hope you are, too!”

Franciscan friars back American nuns in Vatican spat
By Daniel Burke — Religion News Service
Leaders from the seven Franciscan provinces in the U.S. publicly backed a group of American nuns on Thursday (June 7), calling a Vatican crackdown on the women “excessive.”

Black Clergy Join Forces With Black Caucus on Voting Rights Issues
By Debbie Hines — Huffington Post
Black clergy from the Conference of National Black Churches (“CNBC”) joined forces with the Congressional Black Caucus (“CBC”) in Washington, DC for a first ever summit last week to discuss new voting laws…

The Bills to Nowhere
By New York Times, Editorial
This is now the pattern of business in the House of Representatives: Spend most of the time passing bills designed not to become law but to satisfy the ideological desires of conservative voters. And block laws that actually need to get passed.

How A Radical North Dakota Ballot Initiative Could Allow The Religious Right To Ignore Traffic Lights
By Ian Millhiser — Think Progress
A North Dakota ballot intitative appears designed to allow anti-gay groups to openly defy bans on discrimination, and it is written so expansively that it could authorize thousands of North Dakotans to outright ignore everything from traffic lights to medical access laws — all in the name of supposedly protecting religous liberty.

Catholic hierarchy’s social justice advocate leaving USCCB
By David Gibson — Religion News Service
His resignation also comes at a time when social justice issues, rather than being considered co-equal and complementary parts of the Catholic witness, are often seen as at odds or competing for oxygen with the bishops’ larger culture war battles

Planned Parenthood ban: Abortion, poor women at center of fight
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske — Los Angeles Times
A federal appeals court in New Orleans heard arguments Thursday over the legality of a Texas rule banning Planned Parenthood clinics from the state Women’s Health Program.

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FPL Daily News Reel: June 7, 2012

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The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

Nuns’ group plans bus trip to protest the Ryan budget
By Dan Merica — CNN, Belief Blog
“I think he was so direct in draping himself in the mantle of Catholic social teaching,” Campbell said. “He took the words but he took none of the meaning in the forming of the budget.”

Wisconsin’s dangerous result
By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinion
The left will make a big mistake if it ignores the lessons of the failed recall in Wisconsin of Gov. Scott Walker (R). The right will make an even bigger error if it allows the Wisconsin results to feed its inclination toward winner-take-all politics.

Wisconsin: Time to Speak the Truth, Not Move On
By Steve Jerbi — Sojourners, God’s Politics
We should not “get over” the reality that this was the most expensive election in state history and ignore the questions of where the money comes from and how it influences outcomes.

Just How Hard Was It to Vote In Wisconsin?
By Abby Rapoport — American Prospect
Last night’s Wisconsin recall resulted in more than just Governor Scott Walker’s re-election. It also showed the tremendous difficulties some voters in the state faced simply trying to cast their ballot.

Gov. Rick Scott: voter purge lawful, feds are wrong and breaking the law
By Marc Caputo and Steve Bousquet — Miami Herald
In a sharply-worded letter, the Scott administration all but dares the Justice Department to sue Florida for allegedly violating voting rights laws.

The SBA List’s “Free Speech” Battle
By Monica Potts — American Prospect
The lawsuit’s plaintiff is a former Ohio representative for the Cincinnati area, Steve Driehaus. The group attacked Democrats who oppose abortion… arguing that their support for the health-care-reform act that year would direct taxpayer dollars to abortions.

Upholding the ACA is a constitutional, moral imperative
By Rep. Mike Honda — The Hill, Congress Blog
In other words, this isn’t just a question of doing the constitutionally correct thing — it is about doing the right thing, period.

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FPL Daily News Reel: June 6, 2012

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The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

Nuns, Rebuked by Rome, Plan Road Trip to Spotlight Social Issues
By Laurie Goodstein — New York Times
In a spirited retort to the Vatican, a group of Roman Catholic nuns is planning a bus trip across nine states this month, stopping at…facilities run by nuns to highlight their work with the nation’s poor and disenfranchised.

Churches Need Strong Federal Programs to Help the Vulnerable
By David Beckmann — Religion & Politics
My experiences as a Lutheran pastor and economist have taught me that we cannot “food-bank” our way out of hunger.

Government Is Not the Enemy, Nor the Only Answer
By Joel C. Hunter — Religion & Politics
The problem with jumping from a normal concern about government intrusion to a far-flung conclusion that all governmental growth is bad is that it falls short of logic, practical solutions, and, for Christians, the foundational place of government in God’s design.

How did Scott Walker win Wisconsin?
By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinion
Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall offers a number of lessons for American politics more broadly.

Only one takeaway from Wisconsin: Money shouts
By Glenn Thrush — Politico
Cash doesn’t talk in 2012, it shouts, and Wisconsin was a sonic boom that’s breaking glass in Chicago. Conservative groups outspent unions and progs in Wisconsin by an estimated SEVEN-TO-ONE.

UAW, coalition commit to repeal Alabama’s immigration law
By Cindy Estrada — Detroit News
H.B. 658 is barbaric, and every day it’s on the books is one day too many. H.B. 658 hurts everyone — Latino or not — because it bruises our humanity and mocks the American legacy of hope and freedom for all.It’s time for all of us to stand together against H.B. 658 and work together on comprehensive immigration reform.

Unequal pay no myth to America’s female workforce
By Rep. Rosa Delauro and Lilly Ledbetter — Politico, Opinion
This should not be a partisan issue. Republicans and Democrats should be able to come together in the name of basic fairness and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, a common-sense reform that brings equal pay law into line with other civil rights laws.

Muslims sue to stop NYPD spying program
By Omar Sacirbey — Religion News Service
Muslim civil rights activists are headed to court to end a New York City Police Department program that they say violates their constitutional rights by spying on Muslims based only on their religion.

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FPL Daily News Reel: June 5, 2012

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The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

Wisconsin gives progressives something to build on
By Katrina vanden Heuvel — Washington Post, Opinion
On Tuesday, all eyes will be watching to see whether Wisconsin voters will keep labor-bashing right-winger Scott Walker (R) in the governor’s mansion. But win or lose, the real story is the 15 months of people power leading up to this day. The real lesson lies in more than a year of progressive organizing, petitioning, canvassing and campaigning for the cause.

How Republicans Are Preventing Thousands Of Wisconsin Students From Voting Today
By Scott Keyes — Think Progress
Voter ID will not be in effect for today’s recall vote in Wisconsin, but that won’t stop last year’s anti-voter bill from disenfranchising thousands of students across the state.

Ending voter suppression
By Karen Finney — Hill, Opinion
As the 2012 election nears, an estimated 5 million Americans could again be disenfranchised by new waves of suppression tactics.

Vatican censors nun’s book on sexual ethics, and some see a bid to muzzle women’s voices
By Alessandro Speciale — Religion News Service
Coming just days after U.S. nuns rejected the Vatican’s reasoning for a wholesale makeover,and a year after U.S. bishops sanctioned another nun theologian, the condemnation of Farley is the latest example of what critics see as a top-down attempt to muzzle women’s voices and an obsession on sexual ethics.

Why the Church Should Fight Anti-Gay Bigotry
By Micheal Sean Winters — National Catholic Reporter, Opinion
I do not believe that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is bigoted against gays. But, I do believe that when one takes public policy positions that are the same as those espoused by bigots, it is incumbent upon one to explain why and how one’s positions comes not from bigotry but from elsewhere.

Alabama Pastor’s Take on Latest Anti-Immigrant Legislation
By Tommy Morgan — Sojourners, God’s Politics
The legislature not only failed to include but also voted down the amendment to exempt churches from the harboring provision. As the law stands, people of faith are forced to choose between honoring Alabama law and honoring the commandments of God.

Mo. bill targets parents facing ‘poverty trap’
By Associated Press
To address the problem, the legislature passed a bill on the final day of the session that creates a pilot program geared toward parents who often have to turn down raises because the loss of child care help would be devastating.

Leaked NYPD Document Lists Watched Mosques, Islamic Schools
By Elizabeth Flock — US News & World Report
A former police reporter leaked a list of monitored areas the NYPD watched as part of a questionable program used to spy on Muslims.

Abortion foes push for ban before legislators’ recess
By Catherine Candisky — Columbus Dispatch
With one or two sessions remaining before members of the General Assembly scatter for their summer break, abortion-rights foes are…hoping to persuade Republican leaders in the Senate to vote on a bill that would essentially ban abortion in Ohio.

Presbyterians, other faith leaders meet with White House chef
By Jerry L. Van Marter — Presbyterian News Service
Sam Kass, White House head chef and senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives, addressed 19 national faith leaders this morning May 31 at an unprecedented meeting to bring greater attention to the nationwide childhood obesity epidemic.

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FPL Daily News Reel: June 4, 2012

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The FPL News Reel is a daily round-up of the top faith and politics stories in the news. You can sign up for the email version of the News Reel here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, and follow it on twitter at @FPLNewsreel.

U.S. nuns rip Vatican for ‘unsubstantiated accusations’
By David Gibson — Religion News Service
Leaders representing most of the nation’s 57,000 Catholic nuns on Friday (June 1) answered a Vatican crackdown on their group by charging that Rome’s criticisms of the sisters were “unsubstantiated,” caused “scandal and pain” and “greater polarization” in the church.

Obama and Romney shun confrontation on religion
By Mitch Landsberg — Los Angeles Times
Maybe the economy is a political black hole, sucking every other issue into an impossibly dense void. Maybe Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are just private, cautious men by nature. For whatever reason, neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger is talking much about religion these days…

Can this campaign be constructive?
By E.J. Dionne Jr. — Washington Post, Opinions
…let’s try an experiment: Can we at least reach consensus on the sort of debate between now and November that could help us solve some of our problems? I’ll let you in on the outcome in advance: Ideology quickly gets in the way of even this modest effort.

Wisconsin recall election is an epic battle
By Bob Secter — Chicago Tribune
Wisconsin’s erstwhile bland politics have been transformed into such a hotbed of nastiness and hyperbole that Tuesday’s recall election against Gov. Scott Walker has all but framed itself as a battle of superhero vs. super-villain.

A Start on the Dream
By New York Times, Editorial
The Dream Act is one small measure of relief that most Americans would support and young immigrants need. Mr. Obama should do everything he can to protect these young people now.

Overreaching immigration law creates more trouble for Alabama
By Joey Kennedy — Birmingham News
The harsh immigration law is costing us much more than the so-called problem it’s supposed to solve. We should not be so hard-headed we can’t understand that.

Catholics raise money for immigrants’ group stripped of church funds by Pueblo Diocese
By Electa Draper — Denver Post
What the church taketh away, lay Catholics and others have given back — and then some — to Compañeros, a small Durango-based nonprofit helping immigrants in southwestern Colorado.

Baptists Reprimand Policy Leader for Comments
By Erik Eckholm — New York Times
The Southern Baptist Convention on Friday reprimanded Richard Land…for making racially provocative remarks about the Trayvon Martin killing and announced the cancellation of his weekly radio program on public affairs.

Mormons steal the show at Gay Pride march in Salt Lake City
By Matt Pearce — Los Angeles Times
More than 300 current and former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in the Utah Gay Pride Parade on Sunday as part of a group called Mormons Building Bridges.

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