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Clergy sending signatures to Lowe’s

December 20, 2011, 3:03 pm | Posted by Christopher Hale
Ely Portillo, Charlotte Observer
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A group of interfaith clergy plans to deliver a petition to Lowe’s headquarters in Mooresville today, asking the retailer to apologize for pulling ads from a TV show about Muslim Americans.

The coalition, which includes national activist and faith-based groups Faithful America, Change.org, CREDO, Sum of Us and Groundswell, are angered by Lowe’s Dec. 5 decision to stop advertising on the TLC show “All-American Muslim.”

The retailer, which had nearly $50 billion in sales last year, said it was responding to complaints from the religious group the Florida Family Association. The group had petitioned Lowe’s to stop advertising on “All-American Muslim,” which it said was propaganda that hid the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism.


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