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Faith in Public Life’s civic participation program helps advocates identify and target voters of faith with values-based messages on important moral issues such as healthcare, immigration and the economy.

FPL developed the Midwest Religion Model – a first-of-its-kind tool to identify and engage people of faith. While previous tools to identify religious voters relied mostly on one-dimensional measures such as church attendance, the Midwest Religion Model reflects an in-depth understanding of their attitudes and practices.

The Midwest Religion Models consist of five models that predict religious affiliation and one model that predicts religious engagement. The five religious affiliation models predict the likelihood of self-identifying as a member of the following religious groups: Catholic, White Catholic, White Protestant, White Evangelical, or Secular model (designed to isolate non-religious voters). In addition, FPL has built a religious engagement model to predict the likelihood of having high religious engagement.  This sophisticated tool enables faith community advocates and their allies to reach new constituencies and deepen existing relationships by connecting with voters on a faith and values level.

FPL has also produced groundbreaking research demonstrating that religious messaging on progressive issue positions can be more effective than conventional secular messaging at motivating voters of faith. This data, coupled with our Midwest Religion Model’s ability to identify and target certain religious voters, gives progressive organizations a clear path to reaching and mobilizing religious voters.

The Midwest Religion Model is available to groups and campaigns and has been scored to the Catalist voter file. It is also available on the VAN through America Votes, State Voices, and partner organizations.