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Wish list for tonight’s debate

October 7, 2008, 2:05 pm | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

Tonight’s “town hall” presidential debate comes at a moment of high acrimony in the campaign. Speaking for myself, a few weeks ago I thought surely, surely, we’d seen the worst, but it was just a foretaste of the feast to come.

So it’s a particular relief that tonight’s questions will come mostly from audience members who do something other than gossip about the presidential campaign for a living. Since the pre-primary debates, time and again we’ve seen better questions from audiences than moderators or pundits. (With obvious exceptions, of course.)

Granted, the network gets to choose who asks the questions, and followups aren’t allowed, but it’s still likely to be a different universe of questions than we’d get from a pundit-only panel. I doubt any faith leaders will get airtime, but a person can hope. I’m picturing clergy in garb stepping up with a call for repentance for false witness. Won’t happen, but it’s fun to indulge the fantasy for a minute.

I can’t promise a full-fledged liveblog, but I’ll at least have some post-debate comment.


One Response to “Wish list for tonight’s debate”

  1. Kristin says:

    I’d like a faith leader (or anyone really) to get up and ask about poverty and the common good, especially in the midst of this economic crisis. Talking points about Wall Street greed will not suffice! How are we going to reshape our economic structure to address the needs of all our society’s members.