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Case Study: Easter weekend “Blogswarm against Theocracy”

April 10, 2007, 10:31 am | Posted by FPL

This last Easter weekend over 220 bloggers participated in a project to Blog Against Theocracy.

Created by Blue Gal, Les Enrag̩s, Mock, Paper, Scissors, Neural Gourmet, and Talk to Action, it is in support of Рbut not sponsored Рthe First Freedom First folks who make great videos on the First Amendment. It was a pretty simple idea, that each blog participating would write at least one post during the Easter weekend discussing how separation of church and state protects all Americans, religious and not.

The project is an interesting example of coordinated activity in the blogosphere. Blogging is becoming more widely accepted as a source of news and analysis, but the use of blogging for coordinated political advocacy is less well charted territory. Hopefully this campaign, which united bloggers of various belief systems and faiths, is only the beginning of coordinated action on a range of issues. It would be extremely encouraging if this or a similar group could move to playing defense against religious oppression to other pro-active campaigns.

Throughout the weekend, the BAT folks recorded several hundred posts in support of the separation of church and state. The Neoskeptic writes about Jefferson’s role in shaping religion and American politics (appropriate that he’s a UVA alum). Over at Street Prophets, wiscmass writes about the fruits of theocracy. Here’s all Street Prophet diaries tagged “Blog Against Theocracy.”

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