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What Next? Perhaps the common good…

November 17, 2006, 4:58 pm | Posted by FPL

Save a few still undecided House races, the midterm election that has been consuming our lawmakers–and our newspapers–for the past few months is finally over. Where does this leave us here in the faith world? With a little breathing room and, we hope, with a new Congress that will be willing to work with the faith community on those common good issues that were so neglected by the previous Congress. There is already evidence that politicians–with their jobs now secured for at least a couple more years–are turning back to the issues, and are focusing their energy on issues that are near and dear to many faith groups.

Our newsreel today included an article on plans to raise the federal minimum wage, an effort that faith leaders have been working hard at in many states across the country. With ballot initiatives to raise state minimum wage levels passing in six more states this year, Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi has now declared that a federal minimum wage increase will be on the agenda in the first 100 days of the new Congress.

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture will be happy to hear that some of their hard work seems to have paid off, as another newsreel article declared today that the month-old military tribunal bill would be in danger just as soon as the new Members of Congress got their hands on it. And

Evangelicals are already calling for the President to work with the newest lawmakers to combat global warming.

The prospects for the faith community seem bright as work begins again up on the hill–assuming the new Congress can keep on track despite the upcoming presidential election. Though it seems that those who claim the 2008 presidential race started November 8th may be right given the number of potential candidate pairings already up on Pollster, I personally hope that the new Congress will set some time aside to fulfill their promises to work for our common good.


2 Responses to “What Next? Perhaps the common good…”

  1. Alexander says:

    Here, here – I hope so, too.

  2. Posada says:

    I hope that working for the Common Good dose not get reduced to simply addressing one issue. All areas of society which detract from the dignity of person must be addressed.