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USAID Chief: House GOP’s Budget Cuts Would Kill 70,000 Children

April 1, 2011, 4:18 pm | Posted by Kristin Ford

We’ve been pretty focused this week on Ohio and other states facing immoral budget cuts and major setbacks for the rights of employees to organize and negotiate for fair contracts. And while there’s much at stake for hard-working American families, the stakes are even higher for millions of vulnerable children around the world who’ll be hit hard by the GOP’s proposed cuts to foreign aid in the federal budget.

Rajiv Shah, the USAID Administrator, testified today before Congress that proposed GOP budget cuts would lead to the death of 70,000 children. The thought of it is horrifying… to yank investments and critical aid away from those who most desperately need it, and to know that cut won’t even make a dent in reducing our deficit.

As Michael Gerson, former speechwriter and advisor to President George W. Bush said on a recent press call we helped organize, “From a fiscal perspective, cuts in global health and poverty programs are inconsequential. From a moral and humanitarian perspective, they would be tragic. America does not have a debt problem because it spends too much on AIDS drugs or bed nets.”

2 Responses to “USAID Chief: House GOP’s Budget Cuts Would Kill 70,000 Children”

  1. Jim says:

    Is the number of unborn children saved by de-funding of Planned Parenthood via the Pence Amendment rider to HR1 figured in to Rajiv’s calculation?

  2. Beth says:

    @Jim defunding Planned Parenthood would actually likely cost more lives, regardless of how you define it.

    No federal money goes toward elective abortions.

    The funds Planned Parenthood currently receives keeps families healthy by providing services like STD testing and treatment, abortion-preventing contraception, and other basic health services for women and men.