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We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

December 10, 2009, 10:48 am | Posted by Beth Dahlman

This Saturday, people of faith and activists all over the world are stepping up the pressure on the world’s leaders to come away from the Copenhagen climate talks with a real deal: one that is fair, ambitious and binding.

In Washington DC, Faithful America is teaming up with Avaaz.org’s Action Factory DC to show our leaders what “Plan B” looks like, in case Copenhagen fails: an ark. Yep, like Noah’s Ark. The ark is in the construction phase right now (if you’re in DC, you can stop by and see it — it’s on the National Mall around 13th St. NW). On Saturday, hundreds will gather for a vigil in front of the ark, joining their voices with tens of thousands all over the world to urge the world’s leaders to ensure a “real deal” on climate.

While of course we won’t be able to save the earth by marching two-by-two into a giant boat, the ark is a great symbol of the extent of the destruction we can expect if we don’t do anything to stop climate change.

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Aside from the obvious religious significance of the ark, faith communities will be well-represented at Saturday’s candelight vigil. Rev. Derrick Harkins and Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light Director Joelle Novey are scheduled to speak alongside other activists and leaders.

Combined with the faith delegation in Copenhagen itself, and the world-wide coordinated churchbell ringing this Sunday, Saturday’s vigil is a real testimate to the leadership many people of faith have shown on this issue.

And with a problem as big as climate change, we’re going to need all the leadership we can get!

In the DC area and want to check out the Ark or maybe even help with construction? Check out more details here.

(image courtesy of Action Factory DC)

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