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USCCB Writes Congress Again: Stop Targeting the Poor

May 8, 2012, 4:05 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Bishop Stephen BlaireEarlier this month, the USCCB blasted the House GOP budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan in a series of letters to various House committees. The letters highlighted numerous ways in which the plan violated church teaching about protecting the poor and vulnerable.

Today, as the House debates a specific budget bill that disregards these objections, the Catholic Bishops are speaking out again. Bishop Stephen Blaire, the Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development who authored the previous letters, has written a new message to the House of Representatives taking issue with the specifics of their proposal.

Specifically naming the bill’s cuts to SNAP, the Social Services Block Grant and the exclusion of children of immigrants from the Child Tax Credit, Bishop Blaire makes clear:

The Catholic bishops of the United States recognize the serious deficits our country faces, and we acknowledge that Congress must make difficult decisions about how to allocate burdens and sacrifices and balance resources and needs. However, deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility efforts must protect and not undermine the needs of poor and vulnerable people. The proposed cuts to programs in the budget reconciliation fail this basic moral test.

Hopefully this time GOP leaders will take the Bishops’ concerns into account instead of dismissing and denigrating them.

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