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Tony Perkins’ Failure of Leadership on Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Ctd.

September 29, 2011, 3:45 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

In response to my questions for Tony Perkins about confronting anti-Muslim bigotry yesterday, Brian Tashman from Right Wing Watch pointed out that Perkins and the Family Research Council have dabbled in this subject before.

Here’s Tony Perkins on Parker Spitzer last year defending his comments that “Islam is evil.”

PERKINS: The teachings of Islam, when they’re taken as I just said – restate myself – when the teachings of Islam are taken literally, it is not like Christianity to love your neighbor, you’re to bring your neighbor into subjection and in those that have literally carried out the teachings of Islam, a great evil has been perpetrated on society.

And here’s an article by Professor William Wagner on the Family Research Council’s website promoting conspiracy theories about shariah law:

While our litigation and policy battles with the secular world keep our left flank occupied, the issue of Islamic theocracy amasses ominously on our rear flank. Immigrants from Muslim countries are moving in increasingly greater numbers to Europe and the Americas, many with the specific purpose of extending the “Abode of Islam.”

Gaining strength daily, the prospect of theocratic rule poses a growing threat to the free exercise of Christian conscience and constitutional governance. This regime, unlike our secular foe, claims the existence of a dogmatic deity where law, Islam, and the state are one. We must give serious intellectual attention to this matter, and raise our concerns publicly whenever necessary. Our singluar focus on secular challenges to God’s existence ill-prepares us to respond (in a constitutional context) to a stealth religious jihad by advocates of an authoritarian regime. Whether in the academic world, in the courts, or in the legislatures, this must change.

Needless to say, if these are FRC’s positions on Islam, reasonable conservatives should look elsewhere for faith leaders to combat anti-Muslim bigotry.

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