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Talking About Our World

July 15, 2006, 10:22 am | Posted by FPL

Rachel Barenblat, Emily Tessone, Hussein Rashid are currently speaking about Roots and Branches, the Nature of Our Community.

Emily Tessone works at the Pluralism Project at Harvard College.

Are we one community, are we several communities?

No one in the room only reads blogs from their own faith tradition.

What is beneath our diversity?

Tim Simpson from Christian Alliance for Progress points out that it is easier for him to talk to progressive Muslims or Jews than traditionalist folks of his own Presbyterian faith.

Mik Moore jspot points out that blogging tends to attract folks who come to argue. He wonders what in blogging that can promote dialogue.


One Response to “Talking About Our World”

  1. Bloggers don’t argue. Other people argue. The problem is other people, not us. It’s them. Them. THEM! THEEEEEEEMMMMMMM!!

    Ok, so maybe I do like to argue. But even that can be a type of dialogue if you approach the other side with respect and dignity.