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Still getting it wrong

September 9, 2010, 5:33 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

On the O’Reilly Factor this week, guest host Monica Crowley had Fox News religion correspondent Fr. Jonathan Morris on to discuss the Dove Center’s Qu’ran burning plans.

Though they admirably call out Pastor Jones as unrepresentative of true Christianity, they quickly slip into spreading dangerous mistruths, falsely claiming that moderate Muslims have failed to “[decry] the terrorist acts of the radical Islamists.”


MORRIS: And now it’s important for us to stand up and say, “This is not Christianity. He has no right to be saying it. He should be ashamed of himself.”

CROWLEY: And this is why your statement right there is so important, because we in the west have been saying where are the moderate Muslim voices?

MORRIS: Exactly, Monica, that’s it.

CROWLEY: Decrying the terrorist acts of the radical Islamists. Those voices have largely been silent. But when radical elements come up in Christianity and other religions, it’s up to say, “Hey, they don’t stand for us.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with this false argument on the blog, but it’s worth doing again. The Muslim community has consistently spoken out against acts of terrorism and continue to do so.

One of these outspoken moderate Muslims is the very person Crowley and Morris spent the beginning of their segment criticizing: Imam Rauf of the Cordoba Initiative, whose own denunciations of terrorism have been blatantly disregarded in the conservative campaign to smear and discredit him.

One Response to “Still getting it wrong”

  1. Janet Goddard says:

    I am so glad, again, to have found this website. I share a lot of your information to try to balance what the radicals are hearing from Fox News. Thank you.