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Star Parker Doesn’t Understand Insurance

March 30, 2012, 2:13 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

Keynoting last Friday’s “Stand up for Religious Freedom” rally in Washington, DC (organized by a coalition of mostly anti-abortion groups), Christian conservative commentator Star Parker earned her biggest applause by drawing the following comparison:

No more than should my auto insurance cover your tune-up should my health insurance cover your sex life

While Parker’s audience seems to find this analogy hilarious, I don’t quite get its appeal. Assuming that Parker doesn’t have a particular moral objection to tune-ups, it just doesn’t make any sense.

My best guess is that Parker is simply appealing to the broader Randian sentiment all the rage on the right these days that individuals should be obligated to no one but themselves; that they specifically shouldn’t have to pay for anything for anyone else.

But, of course, paying for things for other people is the entire concept of insurance. Sure, it may feel personalized (I buy a policy from a company, pay my premiums, and when I need coverage they write a check for me), but in practice it’s really a miniature form of – gasp — “socialism,” redistributing wealth from the healthy to the sick, the good drivers to the bad, the lucky to the unlucky.

Some may not like knowing that their premiums “subsidize” the risky or objectionable decisions of their fellow policyholders, but that’s why they don’t really get a say. Once they write their premium check it’s not really their money anymore; they’re better off viewing it as just the regular fee they pay to ensure financial security if something bad happens to them.

If Parker and others really believe what’s she saying, their problems are much larger than the marginal issue of contraception coverage and religious employers. They should probably just stop buying insurance altogether.

2 Responses to “Star Parker Doesn’t Understand Insurance”

  1. David Cook says:

    There are insurance schemes out there that do cover car maintenance.


  2. Padre Steve says:

    She doesn’t, and her comments are reflective of not only her political ideology but the thought of many in her Church denomination. She and her Church, the Charismatic Episcopal Church are Anti-abortion but not much else that could be considered pro-life and though the denomination used to have a live and let live approach to contraceptive care it has moved much closer the the conservative Roman Catholic view of contraception. She has been anti-birth control for quite a while.