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Spinning and Distorting Faith

March 2, 2010, 4:12 pm | Posted by Dan Nejfelt

When former Bush administration staffer Marc Thiessen appeared on EWTN (a Catholic television network) last week and cloaked torture under the euphemistic guise of “enhanced interrogation” and made a theological case for waterboarding, many people of faith took exception and refuted Thiessen’s preposterous claims.

Now Faithful America is launching the taking the “Don’t Spin Our Faith” campaign, flooding EWTN with email petitions calling for a correction of Thiessen’s misinformation — which they made no effort to do while he was on the air or afterward — and reminding them that they have a moral and journalistic responsibility to tell the truth about torture.

EWTN is certainly not the first outlet to let torture defenders spin and deceive (recall that the Washington Post hired Thiessen as a columnist), but religious media have a special obligation to the millions of people of faith rely on religious media to stay informed on the pressing issues of the day in a manner consistent with their values. Click here to join Faithful America’s campaign to make sure that religious media is a “No Spin Zone” when it comes to torture.

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