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Soul-Searching in Alabama

March 21, 2012, 4:49 pm | Posted by Beau Underwood

Elected officials often fail to understand the impact of the laws they pass. Exhibit A is Alabama’s harsh anti-immigrant law HB-56, which is costing the state millions, emptying its schools, and criminalizing religious practice. While the state’s political leaders delay in offering solutions to solve this unnecessary crisis, Alabamians continue to suffer.

As faith and community leaders across the state fight to repeal HB 56, they have a clear message for other states considering passing similar laws:  “you’ll regret it.” Speaking alongside others who’ve seen the consequences of Alabama’s law first hand on a press call today, Pastor Ron Higey of Birmingham International Church made explicit the anti-Christian nature of the law:

From a Christian faith perspective I cannot comfortably explain why we would treat others this way – harshly and punitively. As Christians – as people of faith, we are called to a higher standard of how we live with and treat others. For these reasons I call on upon Christians and people of faith to stand against this law and call their legislators and voice their objections and concerns.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus famously asks his disciples, “what good is it to gain the whole world, yet lose your soul?” Pastor Higey’s comments should leave Alabama legislators questioning the value of a political triumph that wreaks such havoc and causes such wrenching pain.

For a recording of the call, click here.

Photo Credit: Justin Valas on Flickr

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