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Robert George Condemns Anti-Muslim Bigotry While Funding It

June 7, 2012, 2:47 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

A long-simmering conflict between two conservative religious liberty organizations has come to a head, with board members of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty recently releasing a statement publicly¬†condemning¬†a staff member of the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) for a tweet disparaging the Muslim faith as a threat to “destroy the US” and not a religion.

The release comes after a private letter to TMLC President Richard Thompson in March went unanswered. It’s authored by board members Bill Mumma, Mary Ann Glendon and Robert George. Said George:

If the Thomas More Law Center professes itself to be a defender of religious liberty, let it follow the lead of the Becket Fund in standing up for the rights of all. Religious freedom organizations should be leading the fight against religious bigotry; they should not be practicing it against our Muslim fellow citizens or anyone else.

While the other authors deserve credit for speaking out against this hateful bigotry, it raises larger questions about Dr. George in particular. Namely, if he opposes these kinds of views so strongly, why does he continue to associate with a group that funnels millions of dollars to extremists that hold them?

As I’ve highlighted before, Professor George sits on the board of the conservative Bradley Foundation, which has given some of the worst anti-Islam organizations in the country over $4 million in the last few years. Their grantees are the very people responsible for the kind of rhetoric and anti-Muslim activism George condemns the TMLC for spreading.

When confronted about this apparent disparity, Dr. George was unwilling to talk about it and expressed no indication that he sees any problem with his involvement in a foundation that incubates the hatred he purports to condemn.

Speaking out for the religious rights of Muslims is admirable, but a true ally would lead with his actions.

One Response to “Robert George Condemns Anti-Muslim Bigotry While Funding It”

  1. Please clarify when voicing the truth is to be viewed as “hatred” or “bigotry”? Having read what the TMLC had publicaly posted, I see NO such action by Mr. Thompson OR any other person associated with them.
    It appears the good Dr.George & his firm enjoy operating from a “double standard” which is profitable,no doubt, it is misleading in fact, and in form. Shame on him, and those who pay his employment fees! I would refer this gentleman to #9 in The Ten Commandments, before he engages in any future public actions!
    “Laus Deo & Shalom”