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Representing the 1% ?

December 6, 2011, 5:34 pm | Posted by Beau Underwood
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One of Occupy Wall Street’s core critiques of our government is that big banks and their lobbyists are enjoying unfettered access and influence in the halls of power while the concerns of the 99% fall on deaf ears. Today thousands of Americans, including unemployed workers and faith leaders, mounted “Take Back the Capitol” events,visiting their Members of Congress to talk about the economic challenges facing American families.

Sadly, many Congressional representatives refused to meet with their own constituents, and some Members even had their own constituents arrested.

On Thursday, faith leaders will hold a vigil on Capitol Hill for the unemployed and join in a broader effort to convince Congress to extend unemployment benefits for families struggling to find work as job growth fails to rebound. Today’s events reveal just how much prayer American democracy really needs.

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