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Religious right groups continue to misinform on the “conscience” rule

March 3, 2009, 5:15 pm | Posted by Kristin Ford

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again.

The hastily created and vague so-called “conscience” rule was put into place by the Bush administration in the waning hours of his presidency. Revoking this rule WILL NOT revoke the right for any health care provider to refuse to provide abortions. As with the Mexico City Policy, abortions are on another plane, due to legislation like the Hyde and Helms amendment.

Unfortunately, groups like Citizens for Community Values in Ohio are perpetuating myths about what the “conscience” clause will and will not do. In today’s action alert, they tell their readers that

“Over the weekend President Obama quietly announced his intention to rescind the conscience protection rule set in place by President Bush in December. That’s the rule that protects doctors and other health care workers from being forced to perform or promote abortions contrary to their moral objections.”

Rescinding this rule will not mean any health care professional will be forced to perform or promote abortions. Instead, health care providers will continue to do their jobs– providing men, women, and children with the health care and services they need.

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