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Protestant Bishops Oppose GOP Budget Plan

May 25, 2011, 5:59 pm | Posted by Nick Sementelli

cathedral.jpgOn the cusp of the Senate vote on the House GOP budget, Protestant bishops are speaking out about the bill’s moral failures. A group of 31 bishops from the Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist churches have joined together to issue a statement advising Senators to keep the poor in mind as they go to vote:

As bishops compelled by the Gospel to give voice to those who suffer at the margins of society, we speak not as policy experts or politicians, but as disciples of Jesus and faithful citizens. If the moral measure of a just society is found in how we treat the most vulnerable, the budget proposal passed by the House of Representatives, which the Senate will vote on this week, fails the basic tests of justice, compassion and a commitment to the common good.

They go on to cite specific concerns about drastic cuts this budget would make:

This budget eviscerates vital nutrition programs for mothers and infants (WIC), and makes cuts to Medicaid that will hurt sick children, struggling families and seniors in nursing homes. Proposed changes to Medicare will break the promise that all American seniors get the healthcare they need by forcing them to buy private insurance without assuring that it is affordable. It asks those who need our help the most to fend for themselves in a volatile marketplace where profit, not human dignity, sets the agenda.

This statement puts these bishops on the same page as the Catholic bishops who sent House and Senate members a similar letter last month, demonstrating the broad faith opposition to this budget proposal.

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