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Popular Jesuit Begins #WhatSistersMeanToMe Campaign

April 24, 2012, 10:29 am | Posted by Christopher Hale

America Magazine’s Father James Martin, SJ has gone to Twitter to support religious sisters as they deal with the fallout from last week’s harsh Vatican critique.

Martin’s Twitter campaign began last week with the hashtag #WhatSistersMeanToMe and quickly grew.

It even garnered a response from former Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello, who tweeted: “In my darkest hours of doubt, it was the sisters that brought me the light.”

Martin, who credits a great deal of his formation as a Catholic priest to religious sisters, has written about “the enormous sacrifices, the uncountable contributions and the still-vibrant witness of women religious—and the ridiculous contradiction between popular notions of women religious and reality.”

Throughout the United States–in classrooms and on Capitol Hill, at soup kitchens and in boardrooms–religious sisters are on the front lines in the fight for justice. Now more than ever it’s urgent that people express the importance of their contributions.

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