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Poll of the Week: Organized Religion’s Power “About Right”

April 15, 2011, 10:53 am | Posted by ggraves-fitzsimmons

A new Gallup poll out today (which you can find in FPL’s Pollspot database) finds that Americans believe lobbyists, major corporations, banks, and the federal government all have too much power, while state and local governments, the legal system, organized religion and churches, and the military possess the right amount of power.

gallup poll.gif

The poll’s findings on organized religion and churches differed along party lines. Only 12% of Republicans thought organized religion has too much power, while 34% of Democrats believe so. Both of those percentages though pale in comparison to other groups: 73% of Democrats believe major corporations wield too much power, while 75% of Republicans believe the federal government does. As a whole, a large plurality (46%) of Americans tend to believe organized religion and churches possess the right amount of power, and people who think religion is either too powerful or not powerful enough are equal in number. For all the talk about how polarizing religion is, it’s interesting to see that it generates less controversy than so many other institutions.

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